Wind energy in every home

There are two types of wind farms: the horizontal axis - all the usual propeller, and the station with a vertical axis of rotation. Second, despite the fact that the generator is under their truck, and there is no need to orient the design of the wind - less popular. The fact that their operation requires a strong wind and to start external source.

The wind farm, which would power it may be, is about the same: the mast (manufacturers offer several types easier on extensions, telescopic, monolithic - the difference in footprint and price), which is installed on top of the container with the generator and gearbox. Reducer armed with blades, catch wind currents. The container is secured mobile and able to turn around after the wind.

Choosing a wind turbine, it is necessary first of all to decide - for what purpose it will serve you, and how much energy you expect to get from it.

Some of the most lightweight construction of wind power plants - power up to 300W (the approximate cost of domestic models: from $40). This portable wind farm fits easily in the trunk of the car, installed by one person in minutes and able to charge mobile devices, provide lighting and the ability to watch TV. Such a wind farm can be taken for a ride, go to establish in the country. Two, five or ten kilowatt wind power plants will be able to provide the necessary amount of energy-house, shop, cafe, camping, even a farm, a restaurant, a hotel or a construction site. Surplus energy is stored and used in periods of calm or when the energy you need more than what the wind.

The wind farm with a capacity of 20kW produces enough energy for several large country houses, small villages, camps, etc. Several of these power plants will be able to supply energy even plant.

The advantages of wind power is the fact that they do not pollute the environment, they do not need fuel, and, under certain conditions, can compete with conventional energy sources.