These Three Degrees Can Help You Launch a Career in Environmental Protection

28 Nov 2016

Global warming is becoming an increasingly pertinent problem, and society cannot afford to ignore it any longer. If you want to help bring the environment back from the edge, then you are not limited to choosing a career in environmental science or policy. In fact, you have numerous other options available to you. Check out these three college degrees that can arm you with the tools you need to save the world.

1. Master of Conflict Resolution

Disagreements about the best ways to protect the environment, and even disagreements about whether these protections should exist at all, are rampant in today's world. It is frustrating to participate in these arguments, especially if you have good reason to believe that you are correct. However, when people refuse to listen to each other, problems never get solved.

Conflicts surrounding environmental protection are of special concern when they occur between powerful parties such as legislators or corporations. With the right education, you can make a career of mediating conflicts between these decision-making bodies. Abilene Christian University offers a master's degree in conflict resolution, and students in the program learn to help people who are at odds communicate effectively and formulate solutions. Conflict management training from ACU could help you dissolve seemingly irreconcilable differences, which is a critical component of solving the global sustainability crisis.

2. Master of Science in Social Work

When you think of social work, you probably do not think of environmental activism. However, the field of social work has collectively begun to place its focus on the relationship between environmental health and social welfare. The concept that the quality of people's lives is heavily influenced by the environments in which they live has long been a tenet of social work. Now, social workers incorporate assessments of ecological health into their assessments of overall environmental health.
If exploring environmental protection through the lens of social work appeals to you, then you have many options for pursuing that interest. For example, Case Western Reserve University offers an online Master of Science in Social Work, which is equivalent to an MSW. Click here if you want to find out more about Case Western's social degree.

3. Engineering

The future of the planet hinges on the development of more sustainable technologies. Emerging products must not only use energy efficiently, but they must also be produced responsibly. While sustainable technology is gaining steam, there is still a significant amount of waste to be eradicated in the world of manufacturing.

If your passion for protecting the environment is as strong as your passion for making new things, then you can combine these two interests by pursuing a career in environmental engineering. Most engineering degree programs are a combination of physical science courses and designing and building courses. You can apply the principles from these courses to engineer your own solutions to sustainability issues.

Multiple Paths to the Same End

As you can see, there is no single path to becoming a warrior for the environment. Environmental protection is a multifaceted issue, so it needs to be addressed from as many angles as possible. Whether you would prefer to break down barriers between people or invent ground-breaking products, you can apply your talents to saving the world around you.