The best ways to warm up your house

The efficiency of various types of heating in moneywise expressionIn the table below, we provide the essential comparison to the cost of heating up the dwelling comprising of three bedrooms and located in the suburbs of South East England. We have selected this region only to calculate the thing we know precisely. So, in your region, the cost of various – if not all – types of fuel may differ.

In the left column, we placed the type of fuel used, and in the next one or two columns, we provide the type of heating equipment installed in the dwelling. Most often, the heat radiating system also includes DHW cylinder with immersion heater or radiators + DHW cylinder.

The cost of heating your dwelling with various methods, pounds per year


Electric radiators

Storage heaters and electric fire




Condensing boiler


LPG propane


Condensing boiler





Condensing boiler



Ground source heat pump

Underfloor DHW cylinder with immersion heater


Air source heat pump

Underfloor DHW cylinder with immersion heater


Wood pellets

Pellet boiler


House coal

Open fire with back boiler


Anthracite nuts

Room heater with back boiler


The environmental impact

We have found out about money to spend for a year. But what about the environmental impact? All this fossil and vegetation fuel that you use – is it environmentally friendly?

If to consider trees and coal produced from them, it has a zero impact on Earth as during combustion, only that carbon is released as carbon dioxide that was absorbed by trees when they grew up. Fossilized coal had been pushed away from the environment of Earth millions of years ago, so its resurfacing followed by deteriorating impact when burning makes huge carbon damage. Anthracite nuts are more efficient though, as they have fewer contaminants and give the purer fire during combustion.

Pollution from burning oil and gas that come from the underground either is close to coal. In any case, you leave a significant carbon footprint when burning anything except trees. Thus, it is worth turning your face to heat pumps.

Heat pumps efficiency

If to consider ground source heat pumps, they went into the leaders, while air source heat pumps did not. This is not a drawback. If you are not the rural citizen, it will be highly problematic for you to find the enough amount of land to construct the ground source heat pumps. Specialists that produce them, Husky Heat Pump, one of the leading heat pumps manufacturers, tell that to make the ground source heat pumps effective enough, over 400 square meters of soil are required. So if you don’t live in the farm house, air source heat pumps UK will be your true salvation in the issue of economy of money for heating up your dwelling. In addition, air-to-air heat pumps may be installed in apartment either, not only in a house.