Plastic recycling process

After the first crushing waste plastics fall into the extrusion machine, where the heating of the mix. Any chemist will tell you that it is impossible and unscientific - mixed heterogeneous polymers like to mix petrol with water. But such a task is not to put - to mix the polymers at the molecular level, it is enough to mix waste plastics using the properties of viscosity of molten polymers.

The structure of polymer waste large place occupied by a film of polyethylene and polypropylene. They are not added to the die grinding machine.

The resultant polymer mass with the sand dough consistency operator removes the mitt on the output node of the extrusion line, and matted hands ball (agglomerate to 100mm.) Drops into water for cooling. Taken out of the water, it is not cooled, but it cools rapidly solidified sinter. It happens that there is an overheat of the polymer mass, and it follows on the floor until the operator switches it off. The cooled this mass, then fit for use. Details cooled is re- sinter grinding chips in the grain size up to 1-10mm. Thus, a ready-made raw materials for polymer- sand mixture.

It is imporant to get a good blend - sand particles must fully cover polymers, with no spaces. This is accomplished by a unique structure of the shaft, calculated empirically. I can not exactly calculated, and a forced experimental design and research. As a result, the blades are arranged on the shaft so that the shaft rotates at the speed of advance in 3 different mass heating zones that provides full quality of the polymer melt mixing with excipient.