Fabric with PVC coating

Fabric with PVC coating - one of the materials used for the production of inflatable boats and catamarans shells, kayaks. There are other materials that are well suited for these purposes. For example, rubberized fabrics and PVC film without foundation.

We will consider only the fabric with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coating as the most suitable for tourist boats. These fabrics allow doctich optimal weight-strength ratio. Furthermore, low stretch allows for greater rigidity articles made therefrom.

There is a property that is often not given the producers of materials. This stretch fabric. And she runs with different coefficients in different directions. For different kinds of fabric, these coefficients vary. On the one hand, the tensile material - this is a useful property. It allows you to avoid wrinkles in the manufacture of non-developable surfaces, such as a sphere or a cigar-shaped nose catamaran. On the other hand, we must remember that the property, if strictly necessary to sustain the planned size of the product.

And finally, the best parameters of a particular material can only say the experience of working with him, because is not possible to predict exactly how to behave in this or that tissue in a particular case. For example, some materials are very easy to get dirty, and the other, under tension, too much stands out basis, and the surface becomes smooth and bumpy. Therefore, if possible, before you buy a selected material, it is best to consult with those who have dealt with him.