Ordering a Skip -- Which size do you need?

Skips are useful when it comes to hauling rubbish, construction debris, and demolition waste away from a site, but not all are created equal. Overloaded skips pose a hazard while being hauled down roadways, and using a skip that's too small or too large can be a waste of money. Before hiring a skip, it's important to know the appropriate size for a given project – asking your local skip hire company such as Map Waste Skip Hire in Leicester will help you to establish the size you need, here is a rough guide which might get you started.

Mini skips are best for the average home-owner doing a bit of spring clean-up. They're generally about 1.5 cubic meters in capacity, which is enough to hold roughly twenty two black bags' worth of waste. These are best for household rubbish or yard waste. If you think your project may generate more than that, you should consider hiring a skip the next size up.

Midi skips are the next size after mini skips, at roughly 3 cubic meters in capacity. They can also hold about twice as many black bags. These are good for waste generated by home remodelling projects, like boards, tiles, and plumbing fixtures, but may not be enough for a whole-house project or a very large amount of household waste.

Maxi skips are about twice the size of midi skips, at about 6 cubic meters. These can hold just under twice the capacity of a midi skip. Many people moving out of an old home or clearing out a home to be put on the market use this size of skip. They are also good for builders who need to dispose of construction debris.
Larger Skip Options
Larger skips are also an option for handling waste from very big projects. These can range from 10 to 40 cubic meters, and are suitable for larger quantities of the same types of waste that mini, midi, and maxi skips are. Some skips, even at smaller sizes, come equipped with front-opening doors to make it easier to load them.

It should be noted that different skip hire companies have specific policies on handling certain items. Things like liquids, paints, solvents, acids, alkaline solutions, pesticide, and waste oil all require special disposal practises, as do items like cathode ray tube televisions, fluorescent lights, refrigerators, and lithium ion or Ni-Cd batteries. If you're in doubt about any of the materials you need to dispose of, discuss your building or clean-up project with your skip hire company before choosing the right skip.