Plastic containers are harmful?

Plastic containers and bottles are not environmental goods. There are a few things you should know about plastic bottles and containers before you use them.

So what's the harm?

The material of the containers and bottles are made, may allocate a food substance having the ability to accumulate in the body, then irreversible effects on health. For example, a cancer-causing chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system.

To such conclusion the American scientists who are studying synthetic fibers and man-made materials.

The Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights thoroughly investigated three types of plastics:
1. Foam (mostly polystyrene).
2. PVC used for making packages and packaging materials.
3. Polycarbonate (it is made into plastic water bottles, drinking cups for children, and even bottles for infants).

The FDA reports that all of these plastics are safe. But consumer advocacy organizations - suggest otherwise.

Depending on the method of processing plastics assigned a number that stands out in the bottom of the packaging.

Avoid foam, polyvinyl chloride , and polycarbonate for the storage of food, as they are all dressed harmful substances. Reheat food mainly in glass or ceramic dish.

If you still need to put something in a plastic container - first wrap in paper or cloth, and then put it in a container. Do not pour into a plastic dish hot food - in this case, the process of separation of carcinogens will go even faster.

Infants and young children are also at risk of health problems associated with the chemicals in plastics.