Choose a website developer

At present, most managers of companies and enterprises come to the decision to create a corporate website. And then the question arises: "Who will develop the Web site?".

Basically, the main principle of choosing a site developer in this case will be - the price, and there are no other criteria for choice, completely forgetting that the Site is a product that has not only a price, but also technical characteristics.

I will give some examples of an answer to this question.

Give the task to the system administrator, programmer, i.e. With the help of internal resources.Ask a familiar person who is connected to computers, that he would solve this problem.Find a private individual or organization that provides these services.Let's highlight these technical characteristics of the Web site:

Design - (graphic design, menu layout, content)The design of the site should look not only a beautiful picture, but also reflect the activities of the company, enjoyable in the viewing, convenient and understandable menus, as well as the main range of resolution of monitors on which the site will be viewed.

Correct construction of HTML - code of a site.Provides the workability of the site in different types of browsers (Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, Netscape 6 and above, Opera 6 and above, Mozilla 1.0 and higher) and lowers the download time of the site with the minimum speed of connection to the Internet. The correct construction of the HTML - code of the site allows correctly indexed by search engine robots (Yandex, Rambler, Google, etc.), which increases the likelihood of searching on Yandex, Rambler, Google, etc. By keywords. Need inspiration for a new suit? The Souster & Hicks are expert tailors

Presence of program modules.Software modules allow you to turn a website into a modern business tool. With the help of program modules it will be possible to:

Add, edit and delete information (text, graphics) on the site and subordinate to the main section of the subsection;To make an application for a product or service with sending to your email address;Register users and store order history;To ensure the upload of files of any format to the computer of the site visitor;To conduct voting, questioning on a site among visitors;Conduct discussions among visitors;Create an online store.Based on the above three main characteristics of the site, you can create requirements for site developers:

Presence of a site of the developer.How can you offer site development if the developer does not use this business tool himself, i.e. He does not believe in his product.

Portfolio availability.Look at the work of the developer of the website, evaluate and compare with other works of the same developer and with the work of other developers. Here answer yourself to a number of significant questions:

What enterprises were created sites?How qualitatively is the design of the site?Are sites working correctly in other browsers (Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher, Netscape 6 and above, Opera 6 and above, etc.)?How many works from the developer?Who is he?In order to secure the investment of financial resources in the development of the site, you will have to answer the question: To whom do you trust the organization or an individual.

An organization that professionally works in the market for the development of Web sites has:

Permanent staff: director, accountant, designer, programmer, customer manager;

Contractual and guarantee obligations;

Convenient forms of payment.

I hope that you dear reader will definitely use the rules of choosing a website developer for your company. These requirements are not intended and are not written specifically for any company. They are taken from practical examples of choosing a particular product or service.