Environmentally friendly cars

Eco-friendly cars or "green" cars - cars that have a less negative impact on the environment than conventional cars with internal combustion engines running on gasoline or diesel.

To combat pollution in Europe are developed and put more and more stringent environmental emission standards for hazardous substances in vehicles.

On the creation of such vehicles working all the major automakers - from Peugeot and Audi to Ferrari (Ferrari model 599 Hybrid) and Rolls-Royce (model 102EX Phantom Experimental Electric). It is significant that even companies from China, where there is little people care about the environment, beginning to invest huge amounts of money into the creation and development of the lines of "green" cars. And rightly so, since this is the key to the world's major markets, along with quality, safety and affordable prices, is becoming " green" cars.

Automakers are competing with each other as possible in an effort to save non-renewable energy resources and to minimize the negative impact on the environment. And if no one had moved beyond concepts, but now companies are moving from statements and experimental samples for mass deployment of their developments.

The main types of eco-friendly cars:

Electric - a car driven by one or more electric motors and not the internal combustion engine.
Hybrid Vehicles - high efficiency car, driven by a system of "motor - the internal combustion engine", fed as fuel and electric battery charge.
Refilling the car with gas. Gas fuel system - the fuel system of an internal combustion engine modified to use them as fuel compressed or liquefied gases.