How to have an amazing garden with very little effort

People are working longer hours and consequently having less time to relax in their gardens, so having a low maintenance garden is an ideal route to take. On the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) website there are many ideas showing you how to maintain your garden without too much work.

Brighten up those dark corners
Some parts of the house or garden are difficult spaces in which to nurture beautiful flowers or plants. Artificial Plants are one way you can brighten up those dark spaces without the hassle of watering or caring for something that in the past has died every time you have tried going near it. With UK gardens getting smaller, as shown on The Daily Mail website, placing artificial plants on patios or garden tables can add some much needed colour.

Decking and patios
If you really want the minimum of work every year it may be better to clear the whole area and lay down decking or a patio. You won’t have to mow the lawn any longer and the new surface will require little maintenance. You can brighten up the area by placing pots around the edges, or if you are an avid cook you can grow herbs and vegetables with the greatest of ease. Some herbs are extremely hardy and won’t need much attention.

Gravel and Slate covered gardens
A Mediterranean style garden can be achieved by using gravel or broken slate; this is possible by clearing away the grass and weeds, but leaving any plants you want to keep. You can then lay plastic sheeting down before pouring the gravel into place, as this will prevent any weeds coming through. Once you’ve laid your ground cover, cut a cross into the material wherever you want to place a plant. The gravel comes in various shapes and sizes; a bag weighing 25kg will cover approximately 0.6sq metres, which you can also buy in bulk. Once this job is finished, your garden will be easy to maintain in the future.

Low maintenance grasses
Mowing the lawn every week or two can start to become a pain if you’ve been hard at work all week or have small children to look after. One way to keep the colour but cut down on the work is to plant slow growing gasses and plants, these only need to be cut once a year but can be enjoyed all year round. Some people choose to landscape their gardens by taking up their existing lawn and replacing it with moss or clover, which is slow growing and needs no attention. Bees love clover, which is an added bonus.

Water features
You may think this sounds like hard work, but once you’ve constructed the water feature, maintaining it is straightforward. You can then sit back and listen to the relaxing sounds of water running down a small waterfall into a pond. If fitted with the right pumps and filter systems the whole thing will look after itself and only needs checking a couple of times a year.