Why ABS plastic is better?

ABS plastic is much lighter and stronger. This has long been appreciated automakers around the world. Supporters of fiberglass products can bring hundreds of fictional benefits of their products but the bumper for Bentley and Toyota is made of ABS plastic. And that's it.

All covers and military trucks from are hand-made by the same technology.

The big plus of this production - is the lack of investment in production.

Canopy in Thailand and barrel epoxy resin, bought for $100 and your factory running. And all the talk about the use of rare and high-strength grades of materials for production are just a gimmick, nothing more.

Our products are made of ABS to very expensive and advanced equipment. A machine for forming a sheet of military trucks worth more than EUR 300,000 not counting the high cost of co-operation.

And to create a modern factory line a little. Let's try to answer the question - why build a factory, worth tens of millions of dollars? And how does this affect the quality of products.