what is it?

Recycling (Processing and recycling of waste, recycling and waste management)

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Energy generated from natural processes that are replenished constantly. This includes sunlight, wind, tidal, geothermal

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solar cells

Never attempt to know what you bring next discovery. For decades, scientists have been experimenting with a polymer

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Fabric with
PVC coating

Fabric with PVC coating - one of the materials used for the production of inflatable boats and catamarans shells, kayaks. There are other

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5 most eco-friendly countries in the world

The index of environmental performance - a method of quantifying and numerically benchmarking the environmental performance of green policy.
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Below are 5 of the results in 2012, received the highest rating EPI. They are the most eco-friendly countries in the world that use, eco apparel and blends for men read more..

Wind energy in every home

There are two types of wind farms: the horizontal axis - all the usual propeller, and the station with a vertical axis of rotation. Second, despite the fact that the generator is under their truck, and there is no need to orient the design of the wind. The fact that their operation requires a strong wind and to start external source read more..

Energy saving lamps: Pros and Cons

For residential space currently available in compact spiral, two, three, four, in the form of a candle energy saving lamps made of recycled metals and scrap. They are the result of the development of electronic technology, qualitatively new source of light. Their operating principle is based on the fact that through the tube with electrodes read more..


  • Fabric with PVC coating
    one of the materials used for the production
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  • Fhopepack wrapper plastic is much lighter and stronger.
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